7 steps to business growth


Ranging from consultation, coaching and business assessment to an extensive suite of training workshops, we provide practical solutions and growth programmes following our 7 Steps to Business Growth model ©.

An easy to apply programme that will help businesses to:
  • Identify and diagnose business problems.
  • Evaluate business and individual strengths.
  • Utilise online tools and resources designed to assist businesses to plan, evolve and grow.
  • Easily engage with industry professionals.
  • Support and create compelling business strategies.
  • Build and implement a plan that maximises commitment and encourages change.


Many consultancies provide individual elements to support business growth. Only Learn.fast Solutions provides an end to end service that includes propriety assessment tools, coaching and training to support business owners/managers.

The 7 Steps to Business Growth model ©

Our 7 Step to Business Growth model © is always personlised to each business or individual, recognising that the size and scope of each change process can vary by business challenge, industry sector and an individual's personal goals. Typically, our coaching programmes cover three areas of change: company-wide reviews and planning; business function or department reviews; personal development of individuals working within a business or for themselves.

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