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We deliver a variety of practical and informative workshops that cover 5 essential areas of business:  Strategy, Marketing, Sales, People and Finance.

We have over 100 topics to choose from. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

While upskilling staff is more important than ever today, we hear from many business owners that they find long training sessions outdated and often boring. They tell us they crave short spurts of learning that they can engage in on their own time.  Having delivered business training for over 14 years we know that micro-learning is more efficient, and, ultimately, more effective.  It also enables the training to be extremely cost effective.

To make training more accessible to business people we can package six Power Hour workshops into a single day.  Each day can be made up of mixed business topics (e.g. marketing, sales, planning etc.) or differing aspects of a single business topic. This means that business owners/managers can send different people to the different workshops – which could mean only one-hour out of their day.


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For those wanting topics covered in greater depth, our workshops also come in half-day and full-day workshops.  We can also design programmes for a single company or business cluster. If you have something in particular in mind, we'll be happy to design a customised programme for you.

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