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Laurie is a brilliant ideas man and keen critical thinker. His professional advice really helped open my mind to what my business could really achieve, how I could effectually represent it, and the directions it could go in the future!

Otillie Smith, Yum Jar

We had the pleasure of meeting Laurie at the end of 2018 while at a business start-up course. His advice has been an asset to our start-up process and gave us more insight. He was always happy to explain things more clearly if we did not quite understand and was honest and helpful.

For those who are starting their own businesses, they will find his advice sound and useful. We compliment his ability to mentor start-up business owners

Corrina Garrett and Marten Toma, Tomas Painters Ltd.

Laurie is very good at playing devil's advocate, helping people to see both sides of an issue and to look critically at the viability of their marketing plans. He has a knack of quickly getting to the heart of the matter, conceptualising branding and marketing strategies and articulating USP's

Melita Sharp, Career Coach Consulting.

Laurie's advice was a God-send. 

I had all these grand visions and plans for my business, and he gave me the "real world" advice and feedback I needed to make my business plan more realistic and viable. I now have a business model that is more focused on what the market wants rather than what I wanted to do. His advice really helped me improve my business and gave me confidence in my plans. 

Thanks Laurie - really do appreciate the help

Silke Hendel, Heart for Art

I would like to congratulate Learn Fast on the fantastic results that you have achieved with our third year entrepreneurship students. The faculty of business and information technology is very excited to be involving industry practitioners in the delivery of our programs to students.

The students loved your delivery style and the insights that you were able to provide. The final shark tank event brought students face-to-face with investors and tested their ability to pitch, and confidently in the real world

Gerry McCulloch, Dean, faculty of business and information technology

Laurie took time out to understand our business and give advice easily. He also demonstrated a willingness to learn about our culture and ancestry so he could apply it to the marketing ideas he gave us. He was thorough in all his dealings with us – sensitive to our challenges but also giving firm sound advice when necessary. He thinks hard about strategy and customer focussed plans but also comes up with creative concepts and words for our materials.

I have no hesitation recommending Laurie to anyone who wants practical advice and someone who is easy to deal with

Fred Reuelu. Principal, Hoe Mua Designs Limited

Thanks so much for a fantastic and motivating workshop yesterday.

Best of all, our clients loved it and I even saw “light-bulb” moments. A couple of clients have asked for meetings to discuss issues to sort, that came from your workshop. You did a great job

Lisa Johnston, Managing Director, LSH Business Services

Laurie gave a great presentation to the network meeting on the topic of 'Building Your Competitive Advantage'. He was a well-prepared presenter, with good material that was delivered professionally and in a way the audience could easily connect with

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